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In the Garden - August 29

Late August and the harvest is full on - picked and shucked about 75 ears of corn which Pammy processed and froze, twenty bags full.  Peaches and every-bearing strawberries, and the first apples - such a year for apples. I've been clearing the green bean and first brocolli beds, clearing the weeds that have overtaken the paths between them and finally added compost yesterday to each bed from the first compost batch this spring and today planted crimson clover.  The seed is small and I press it into the soil by rocking on a 2' x 4' piece of plyword that I moved down the bed after using my weight to press the ssed in.  We're supposed to get a little rain over the next couple of days and I'm hoping the clover will get established before fall is fully here.

We've been battling an invasive weed, creeping yellow cress (Rorippa sylvestris).  It is common in Europe and apparently came into the states some years ago in bulb shipments from Halland.  It spreads by seed and rhizomes, including the thinnest threads of roots that it is forever sending forth.  A couple of years ago we covered half the garden with landscape cloth to smother what had become an impossible take over.  After a whole year under cover, we succession cover-cropped with crimson clover, buckwheat, millet and crimson clover agaion for the growing season and then planted crops again this year.  There's still some cress in the grass at the edges of the garden and it continues to thrive there and attempts to push into the garden.  We spend a lot of time digging it out, trying to keep it from getting established again.  Right now, we're mainly keeping it at bay in the garden but it's maintained its presence in the surrounding grass.