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Angel Loop

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It seems that you are doing fine, but then you read the news
It’s more than you can take, it makes you sad and angry too
You step outside to feel alive, to shake the dreadful blues
A path round the mountain called the Angel Loop
It’s true that the angels aren’t dense like me and you
So use your sixth sense when you do the mountain loop

Among the rocks, a narrow trail that climbs up into blue
You see the mellow mountains rolling on beyond your view
You come upon some cattle, they stop and stare at you
They graze among boulders on the Angel Loop
It seems that those angels do scatter little clues
Cause wonders abound when you do the mountain loop

There’s cholla cactus, juniper, agave and gray oak
Sometimes there is heat and drought, sometimes mud and snow
You meet a snake, a hawk, a beetle and other leery folks
And sunlit, your desert town is nestled far below
The breezes are soothing, they help you to regroup
If doom should persist, do another Angel Loop

You walk around the mountain and you change your point of view
Your life is no more dismal, your face no longer droops
The pine trees smell so sweet, yeah they touch the heaven’s blue
The mountain won’t let go of them, the mountain carries you
So why would you leave the lovely Angel Loop?
And what will you do with your dusty walking shoes?