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Back Home with Jesus

Back home with Jesus and a bottle of rum
Talkin’ ‘bout heaven and the days yet to come
He thinks it’s mercy will finally hold sway
‘Cause judgment’s an old god, love’s the true way

He passes the bottle and sings me a tune
‘Bout loves that shone like the sun, sorrows hung low like the moon
We’re all looking for something, salve for our pain
Hoping for love that heals and remains

Kingdom come, we’ll be undone
Our flesh and bones turned to dust
So let’s love while we may
Be kind long the way
Learn how to share and to trust

Drink makes us quiet and we’re both so damn tired
Weary from living and unsure bout dying
He says he’s had a vision of how his life ends
He sees his sweet mama, her arms wrapped 'round him

Let’s light us some candles for the souls who have gone
But our tears start to flow, there’s not candles enough
The longer we live, the more loved ones we lose
But they burn like a fire in our hearts when we choose


Many’s a traveler has crossed the divide
Maybe they've become angels, maybe they can fly
But those left behind just hold them in our dreams
We’ll have to cross over to know what it all means

Instrumental Chorus

Jesus slept over, but was gone come the morn
Places to go, new dreams to be born
He’s always loved best the coming of dawn
When hope springs eternal and day’s just begun

The heavens shone golden in the first rays of sun
I was healed, I was broken - I was all, I was none
Love flows like a river, there's no way to hold on
It fills up our souls and then it rolls on

Kingdom come we'll return whence we're from
To the music and pulse of the stars
Where the love that we've made
The hope we've conveyed
Will continue to shine from afar