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The Bully Pulpit

The partial US Government shutdown is in its 28th day.  The president seems poised to make an offer to Congress later today that might offer some solutions to other immigration issues (DACA and other protections) while granting him the funds he wants for his wall.  Helpful to have suggestions as to a way forward with some of the very complex human and societal issues that immigration poses.  Terrible to have it wound up with the shutdown - nothing less than extortion really.  We have slid into an era of bullying, intimidation, inflicting pain, and bribery as a means of governing.  Maybe it works short-term in a gangster underworld, but as a way for people and democracy to move forward to face the very real problems that nations and civilization must deal with, it is not only morally bankrupt, but ineffective and damaging, creating ever deeper divisions, animosities and adversaries.  Stop the shutdown now without conditions and get to work bringing people together to solve our common issues.  Neither Republicans nor Democrats should allow or seek benefit from the "My way or the Highway" bullying that is at the core of the shutdown.