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Down at the Station

I should have known that this would happen
Have seen the writing on the wall
If you and I should ever tangle
That I would be the one to fall

You were near the nurses' station
Slowly rolling t'ward the door
I was lurching with my walker
Next I knew I's on the floor

Ooh la la put your hand in mine
Together there ain't no hill or mountain that we can climb
But we can still hear love's sweet chimes
We can still feel love (sometimes)
We can still share love, sweet love

I lay twisted round your wheelchair
My head buried in your lap
Who'd have seen a romance brewing
When you gave my head a slap

Mind you P's and Q's there buster
I'll push you swift onto the tile
There are better ways of wooing
Though you are a bit beguilin'


Nothing broken was the good news
But how my heart did ache and pound
Somehow we made to the courtyard`
Though I couldn't hear a sound

We sat for hours without talking
Your hand resting soft on mine
Some things seem to thrive on silence
All hearts do open over time