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First Love

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The storm has finally passed just as the moon is setting
Pale red sad orb tangled in the trees
Three AM I know just where my heart is heading
Remembering love that used to be

Funny how the very same few scenes and phrases
Always find their way into my mind
You said you would love me til the end of days
I said you would always be mine

Autumn in the breeze I can smell the apples
A chill in the air as the season settles in
Memories appear, fade away and dapple
Tides of the heart rise and fall again

First love opens up such a depth of passion
An arrow shooting straight into your heart
Breath and bones and ache enough to mold and fashion
A world that you will only name when it departs

The absence of the moon but how the stars are shining
The darkness kind, each memory so true
The pattern of a tune around my heart's entwining
Each note sings my love for you