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Holding on for Dear Life

So I go to the fair with my son
Some cotton candy, some games, and some fun
His eyes are wide as two pies
He squeezes my hand "Can we go on this ride?"
There's a guy there strappin' us in
Over and under around we will spin
I mean a thrill seeker I’ve never been
But the door's slams shut and pow! we begin

Just holding on for dear life
Saying a prayer that it will all come out right
Faster and faster until only this moment's in view
A jumble of heart, mind and bones
Tossed to the fates, whirled in a cyclone
Hope I can find all the pieces when this ride is through

In a dream my life hangs by a thread
The city's in ruins, you envy the dead
Down an alley fear rolls like a ball
And I am the kingpin just ready to fall
There's these hoodlums there fencing me in
Faces all boiling with malice and grins
But just as the blows start to fall
I slip away and up over the wall

You could say it took us both by surprise
I was done with women and she done with guys
Cripes I'd known her for umpteen years
We'd shared our cup of blood sweat and tears
In a sliver of moonbeam she smiled
Like an earthquake, heart open, completely beguiled
We both tumbled blood-willing in love
Our hearts akimbo, we're yet to come up