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Hoot Owl

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Hoot owl in a pine tree
Sings a mournful tune
Wonders where his love might be
Me I'm in this armchair
Joining his refrain
"Baby come back home to me"

I still feel your arms around me
Still see your hair hung low
Sometimes I think I'll lose my mind
My thoughts float out like bottles
In the ocean of the night
I'm lost upon the seas of time

Standing in the moonlight
Many years ago
Whispering sweet and low
You promised that you'd love me
And never let me go
Now I'm howling like that hoot owl in a night that's black as coal

The sun will shine tomorrow
Might find me in this chair
I really ought to go to bed
But something on the breeze tonight
Makes me think of you
Your voice goes round and round my head