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How Do You Love Me Now

When I was a tree, my roots reached so deeply
Into the dark, fertile soil
Mycelium and star dust, the gleanings of eons
My heartwood grew strong from their toils

You asked “How do you love me now
Now that our springtime has come?”
You are the earth that my heart has sought
You are my sky and my sun

When I was a songbird, migrating northward
Urgent with the mission of spring
You heard my song and called back to me
Our brood was a wondrous thing

You asked “How do you love me now
Now that our summer’s gone by?”
You are the lands that my heart has sown
You are my sun and my sky

Thousands of mornings the irises bloom
Each one me, each one you
Spreading their sepals of purple and gold
Painting our hopes with their hues

When I turn into starlight, should clouds hide the heavens
Know that I’ll always be near
The light goes on, that much we’ve learned, love
Just wait for a night that is clear

How will I love you then
When our rivers have finally run dry
You are the music enmeshed in the light
Always my sun and my sky