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In My Dream

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In my dream, I see chestnuts in the April light
Blooms like torches burning bright
Free at last from winter's grip
Spring's kiss so sweet upon my lips
In my dream

In my dream our windows still open wide
Song and laughter spill from every side
Love and work and play and sorrows, too
Our home frames our days and lives
In my dream

I lay my burdens at the heart of Spring
The violence and terror of war, the suffering
Sick to my soul, harrowed by death still I hear her sing
Life will live

In my dream we hold each other soft and warm
The ordinary wonder of a summer morn
Free to have, to hold, to share another day
Time runs ahead forever and a day
In my dream

Peace will come, like Spring, again
Life will grow where death has been
Free at last from winter's grip
Peace will come again, I know
It's my dream