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It's Complicated

Co-written with May Lily Lee in 2016

It's complicated, you say it's black or white
It's complicated, it's either wrong or right
You drive me crazy when you get so uptight
It's complicated for sure

It's complicated, you just can't make up your mind
It's complicated, you can't keep track of time
The world goes on while you're - running behind
It's complicated for sure

You treat your car like a long lost friend
You spend our money like there is no end
You have to have your way again and again
Oh, it's complicated

It's complicated - you don't let your feelings show
It's complicated, yet somehow I always know
And when you hold my hand, it's like a fresh hello
It's complicated for sure

It's complicated - I can't read what's on your mind
It's complicated, but somehow I always find
We fit together like two words that nearly rhyme
It's complicated for sure

You know just when to fill my coffee cup
(With You)
When I am down you're there to pick me up
(I feel so at home (With You)
And you know that love is always enough
(I'm even happy alone)
Though it's complicated

It's complicated, this life that we are in
It's complicated - you are yang - no I am yin
But through it all we stick together, thick and thin
It's complicated for sure
Yes, it's complicated