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L-O-V-E, Love
L-O-V-E, Love
L-O-V-E, Nothin’ but Love

Say what you will, love is a wild ride
Tumbles and thrills, free falls and land slides
Just when you think it must be over
Here's love

Moments will come, hearts beat as one heart
Harmonious drum, one ending, one start
When we can't even count the broken pieces you're holding
It's love

The last thing I remember thinking was
Yes I'll go dancing with you
Our hearts took to flight
Your eyes were the sky so blue
20 years flash by, phantasmagoria
We're battered and wide-eyed and stewed
But the music plays faster
And yes, I'm dancing with you

Three A.M. blues, doubt speaks so loudly
The paths that we choose, often so proudly
When the last notes are sung
Will the song that's remembered be love

Wrinkles and lines, inside and outside
Miraculous times, leap years and neap tides
Like a comet we blaze
Across the heavens of love