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Life Is Like a Car

Some say life is like a car, gas it up and drive it hard
When it's broke down in the yard, your driving days are over
Time will settle soft like dew and turn to rust what once was new
And just when grass starts pokin' through you'll find that you remember
Something that a friend once told when you were driving down the road
How she hoped when you were old her love you'd still remember

Your hand grips tight around the wheel
Your mind and heart through time go reelin'
And when you wake at last you feel the stars were never brighter
So keep our love close deep inside
Don't forget (sometimes) t' take it for a ride
When your mind is on the glide sometimes you'll remember

Some say life is like a song Oh so sweet but not so long
Just when you learn to sing along then the music's over
But sometime walkin' down the street your foot starts tapping out a beat
And suddenly a song so sweet is pouring through your heart

The tunes, the times, the stories shared the days together, souls laid bare
Are all the garment we need wear to walk toward a new day
Cause friendship wears just like a shirt wove of sorrows, joys and hurts
Who cares if there's a little dirt sure keeps you from the cold…

And when your field is overgrown
And wild things come to make their home
Scattered in amongst the thorns are the roses that we planted
And in the darkness of the night when joy and sorrow balance tight
A sudden breath, a sweet delight the fragrance of the rose