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Love Will Show You the Way

with Joyful Noise

Strange how the tables can turn
One day you've got that winning ticket in your hand
The next day, you get burned
You might be that vagrant on the street
His tin cup held up high
Tomorrow just one of the many people who pass him by

Some people hold onto power
Some people hold onto gold
Most people they're just barely holding on
In a world where they feel bought and sold

And when the darkness closes
And yhou despair that you will ever see the day
Know that it's only love will show you the way

The sun rises red as the blood on a Palestinian street
Squeezed from the pain of a people forsaken
Rage burns in the eyes of a boy that you meet
A pipe bomb is carefully strapped to his chest
He merges with the throng
Like a star he explodes and is gone

For some people war is held holy
For some it's just a calculated plan
For most, a nightmare recurring,
A dark terror that stalks through the land...

The old woman sits in the last rays of sunlight
Remembering her years
She's know the rise, the fall, the births and the deaths
The laughter and the tears
Sometimes death is a familiar friend
Sometimes still an ashen fear
Sometimes they simply sit together and watch
As winter nears

Some lives flow like a river
Some lives they stumble and fall
Some people know they've a purpose
Others have no clue at all...