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Morning Will Come

After the storm, when the stillness came on
We were shy in the closeness so new
Caught in the rain, we sheltered beneath a pine
For a moment the world was just two

Damp as two dogs, yet we lingered a while
You sang me a song about love unfulfilled
It was rain more than tears that ran down my cheeks
But in that moment my heart stood still

And I know that the morning will come
We'll spin off into worlds miles apart
But tonight I just want to lie by your side
Feel the rhythm of our twin beating hearts

As evening came on, we counted the stars
The sounds of the night made a chorus so calm
The deeper the dark, the wider our eyes and hearts
Your head on my shoulder, arms locked in arms

I'd forgotten that song, the sound of your voice
But this morning it came to me so strong and so pure
There's here and there's now, there's then and there's there
There's the mystery of how love endures