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Moving Up

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Posted private property of big-shot man, fairyland
A splendid party, millionaire on medical marihuana
Light up with the leading lady, trickle down, tagalong
Say you simply love the house, the velveteen color scheme

Highland view, meet the right crew
To be free, come on with me

Band is playing indie music, get your kicks, funky licks
Now, don’t be shy and go sidle up, be glamorous, test your luck
Him and her, well they freely take it, get in line, kickback time
Deals are rarely made in heaven, give and take, here’s your break


Summer fever, out of town, upside-down chutes and ladders
Linger longer, hula hoop, a jazzy feel, cut a deal
Snag a handful of silverware, the never-know afterglow
We spin the bottle, see no evil, city hall, win them all


Razor shadow, fashion fizzies, wine and dine, dollar sign
Your golden image consultation, poker face, purple lace
Bluff and blunder, tiger claw, look under the table
When the party’s over, blackjack baby, gentlemen, taxi, taxi