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Night Prayer

Written during the fall 2015 Catie at the Cove workshop on Georgetown Island, Maine.

The wind has risen, stirs such sorrow in the sea.
The moon's revealed in a single thread of silver.
Bereft before the heavens, I get down on my knees
and pray for the mercy of the fallen.

There's hope enough from day to day;
dreams are dreamed, love is made -
there's beauty even as the house is falling.
But a warning sounds from deep inside,
a growing storm, a raging tide -
the world, just like the heart, can be broken.

I've run my share of races -
sometimes I've run away,
when sorrow's come and settled on my doorstep.
And even though its voice is strong,
this time I want to stay
and find a way to join into its song.

So hold me -
be it sorrow, be it joy.
Rock me like I'm your only love.

Kiss me -
surround me like the wind.
Let my heart finally know what it's really made of.