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Open Letter to Susan Collins after the storming of the Capitol

Dear Senator Collins,

     There is sometimes wisdom in waiting to act or speak after horrific events, acts of violence, angry actions or words. However, the long silence held by you and many of your colleagues in the face of the President's constant lies and extremist incitement, his disregard for the constitution and the principles of the his office leave me gasping and nearly speechless as well. The insurrection at the Capitol was just the latest example. The checks and balances of Congress on the executive branch have been abandoned by the Senate and House during this administration and the consequences are far reaching and life-threatening to our democracy. For a party which saw a potential Trump presidency as toxic, saw the man himself as unfit for office, a bully and narcissist - it has done little but appease and accommodate, trumpet and amplify his authoritarian and divisive policies, rhetoric and behavior. For the past four years, you have done so largely by your silence and edging to the corners, by your failure to stand up for the principles I'm sure you believe in, apparently hoping and waiting for the storm of Trump to pass. It is disheartening, Senator. Your silence is deafening. I admire much of the work you have done for Maine people, appreciate your efforts at bi-partisanship and negotiation, but I'm appalled at your failure to speak and act to stop the damage being done to our democracy itself by the man at the helm.