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Original Music from Brian Dyer Stewart #39

Dear family, friends, and fellow travelers,

    The song this cycle is Just Another War, which I started yesterday after the news of the invasion of Ukraine and just now finished and recorded.  My heart is devastated by this new war and by the endless cycle of war and occupation - Ukraine, Crimea, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine, Vietnam.  How many millions dead, millions more fleeing for their lives, often turned back from any safe haven.  How much trauma etched in so many souls. How much destruction of the means of our livelihoods and families.

    My hope continues to be in each of us, how we care for each other, make community and extend beyond it. 

    Here's a playlist of all the songs from the newsletters.

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Many songs are recorded solo, some are from different musical twinings from over the years - all are original tunes, with some occasional collaborations.

My best to each,


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