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Original Music from Brian Dyer Stewart #41

Dear family, friends, and fellow travelers,

    The song this cycle is Rise from the Earth.  Written some years ago, it celebrates the miraculous, improbable and absolutely ordinary coming of life in Spring.  My musical ramblings of recent have been so many sorrowful lullabies and protests of war, but here and around much of the northern hemisphere Spring is returning or is about to.  It is certainly balm for my soul to open to the rising of the season. The song was a live take from Joyful Trio - Leonore Hildebrandt on percussion and vocals, Kenny Pierce on guitar and vocals, with me on keyboard and vocals.

    Don't spare your heart, hope will have its say
    Don't spare your heart, only love can bring blooms from clay

    Here's a playlist of all the songs from all the newsletters.

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Many songs are recorded solo, some are from different musical twinings from over the years - all are original tunes, with some occasional collaborations.

My best to each,


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