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Original Music from Brian Dyer Stewart #59

Dear family, friends, and fellow travelers,

The song this cycle is Whitneyville Wedding, written for the wedding of dear friends Faith Perkins and Jim Crotteau many years ago.  I had hoped to sing it a couple weeks ago for other friends who were ggetting married here Downeast - Dan and Lizzy.  They were to be married on the Saturday that Hurricane Lee came rolling in and they moved the celebration to the day before when, originally, an open mic and community evening were planned.  The recording is from our group Solstice, I believe in the mid-90s.  Leonore Hildebrandt on percussion and vocals, Susan Merrill on vocals and me on guitar and vocals.

Still my wish for all who decide to join forces:

may your lives fit together like the land and the sea
may your souls without holding learn to dance and be free
may your hearts open deeply to the joy and the pain
may you always be friends in love to the end of your natural born days

My best to each,



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