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Over and Over

And some stay home, and some leave town, and some are dogged rovers
Tonight is cold, a winter’s chill, the seasons turn over and over
But who we are has stayed the same, life of a single note
The writer producing book after book is recognized for one quote
A melody knows but one refrain, it’s leaving over and over

And as we leave our house behind, we dread the dangers ahead
A person claiming self-defense has shot another one dead
The rain comes down, the streams fill up, the road is washed away
The strangest lies are holding sway, an idol’s last hurray
It helps me when I think of you and your kindness over and over

I’ve come to think that time contracts with summer’s bees and clover
A rainy day, we rest awhile, then the bustle starts over and over
And through it all a single sound, a deep and quiet tone
The joy to have you in my life flourishes on its own
And yet we part, we play it cool, and I’ll miss you over and over

The asphalt hums of hope, of change, there’s roadkill on the shoulder
The rear-view mirror holds the past, but how can I ever go there
The sky is wide, the miles go by, a road is never gone
The oak trees shake their lion manes, canopies under the sun
A melody knows but one refrain, it’s leaving over and over

This melody knows but one refrain, leaving over and over