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Pandemic Polemic

I appreciated Bruce Poliquin’s call for unity in the Bangor Daily News on March 29. The times certainly demand it. The times also demand increased discernment. The coronavirus pandemic shines the light on our absolute connection as humans.

There really is no here and there, no us and them — our fates are linked. We’ve known this on many levels throughout history; prophets and spiritual guides from every corner forever preach the same. We’re moved by kindness and generosity, especially when the odds are hard.

Success as a person, as a society, is not in taking more but in sharing more. To see government attempt to serve citizens — that is what gives me and many hope, and renews our courage.

Poliquin seems to believe that our hope and strength were in the economic bluster of the past years — the steep acceleration of the economic distancing (inequality) of global capitalism — in it to get the most, make the most, give the dog a bone, leave the rest behind — what even Pope Francis has called ” savage capitalism.”

If we do not see the absurdity of a few having billions, and billions having next to nothing, we are missing the underlying global pandemic that is destroying the planet, its people, nature and our futures. If we do not reach across borders to shelter those fleeing violence and terror, we will find no mercy either. If we do not care for our earth and temper our growth, we will lose our only home.

There is more than enough to go around, if we dare to see our world as one family. We need a larger view of ourselves and each other. May these times help us renew our spirits and rebuild a global society of the people, by the people and for the people.