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To Representative Golden re Impeachment

Dear Congressman Golden,

Please vote for impeachment of the president.  There is a rising danger in the presidency of Donald Trump that no one will hold him accountable for lying, bullying, deceiving the public and Congress, for his strong-arm, anti-democratic and mob-like behavior toward members of the opposition, world leaders, and members of his own party. 

The impeachment process has focused on the single abuse of power when Mr. Trump tried to bribe and intimidate the Ukrainian president into investigating his political rivals.  Several long-term, honorable, and highly respected public servants testified to exactly what happened.  Especially compelling to me were the testimonies of Ambassador Taylor and Ambassador Yovanovitch who risked their careers coming forward to testify before the House Intelligence committee.  Diplomats with a long history of careful listening, note-taking, honest analysis and dedication to the American people spoke candidly about the president's abuse of power.  Given the president's history of deceit and lies both from his checkered past and during his tenure as president give me no grounds on which to accept his word over those of the two ambassadors and the many others who testified.  The president’s preventing his closest aids from testifying to Congress only underline his contempt for Congress and his contempt for the American people. We need to hear the truth, even if the president has no such need or inclination.

I understand that our congressional district is divided on this issue and on the president's behavior but I urge you to take a leadership role and help us all stand up to this gross abuse of power and to prevent the further corruption of the presidency and of our nation.  What possible good can come from not holding the president accountable for his abuse of power, contempt of Congress and the body politic and his increasing manipulation and corruption of government for his own benefit and unchecked concentration of executive power?

I wish you courage and wisdom as you consider your duty as our elected official to uphold the constitution and to defend our right for honesty and truthfulness in government.