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Rise and Fall

Let me just say that you surprised me
I'd forgotten how it feels to fall
The silver of the moonlight shining in your eyes
The fragrance of the flowers on the wall

You said you never cared that much for roses
But that moonlight, yes, had always been your guide
I remember how your voice so slightly trembled
How the moon held so steady in the sky

Rise and fall
The motion of the planets, the turning of the sea
Rise and fall
The story of the love 'tween you and me

Love doesn't always come by fire
Sometimes it's quiet like the tide
Now the heart is full and now it empties
Now the song begins and now it dies

Let me just say you still surprise me
I'm still learning what it really means to fall
I trace your heart on mine
The moon, the rose entwined
The fragrance of the flowers on the wall