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Roiling Boys

I still see them dew-faced, learning how to crawl,
Daring now to stand and teeter, struggling not to fall,
Climbing right into my arms when evening come to call
Who are these roiling boys?

Now they lean into the future, their brows so smooth and calm
Their pants flow out like wind sails, just shuffling along
Humming on the melody to life’s persistent song
Who are these roiling boys?

Feel fine, eyes shine, sunny-side and mellow
Kick back, no flack, just floating through the day
Ease down, look round, just hanging with the fellas
Not a cloud in sight, no troubles coming their way

Or then they’re dark and broody, I mean the telegraph lines are down
I can smell the lightning coming and I scramble for safer ground
But ten to one I’m struck again -- mysteries abound
Who are these roiling boys?

Storm clouds, dark shrouds, stirring up emotion
Heat wave, close shave, just on the razor’s edge
Fine line, tense time, just tossing on the ocean
Finally landing on the shore, or maybe just a ledge

For me, time’s like that swimming hole – the water cold and fast
Too old and cold to linger though I sure like it to last
For them it’s like a rocket ship that’s just about to blast
Who are these roiling boys?

Tide full, moon pull, all of life is rising
Full stride, inside, just riding every wave
Siren song, so long, it's off to new horizons
Never think of stopping while there’s trails yet to blaze

My eyes have seen their glories, my heart some of their pain
I feel like one of those wind up toys that's finally bust a spring
But at night I still want to slip in and kiss them once again
Who are these roiling boys?
Who are these roiling boys?
Who are these roiling boys?