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Round and Round

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
With bills I couldn't pay if he came
Seems like the darkest hour's here
Though the dawn is nowhere near
The only thing we have to fear
Is more of the same...and we go

Round and round
Sometimes up and sometimes down
Full, then hollow just like the moon
Time waits for none
We're old who once were young
The song is over 'fore we've learned the tune

Well the road to hell is paved
With good intentions so they say
One rotten apple can make 'em all go bad
People whose homes are glass
Shouldn't be the ones to cast
Words as sharp as rocks and twice as sad...and we go

Well a stitch in time saves nine
But it's too late to tend to mine
Sorrows have burst the seams and spilled everywhere
One good turn deserves some more
I guess that's what friends are for
To bring some hope back when you're in despair...and we go