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Senator Collins, Please Resign

Dear Senator Collins,

In situation after situation, crisis after crisis, opportunity after opportunity, you have let down your constituents in Maine. During President Trump's tenure, you most often went along and enabled him, rarely spoke out against constitutional outrages beyond "I think he's learned his lesson now." In backing Mitch McConnell's blockage of Merritt Garland during Obama's presidency to voting for Trump's radically conservative justices pushed through by McConnell, you have continued to foster a system that allows minority rule and extreme attacks on civil rights and democracy itself. Except for rather narrow "feel good" legislation and bills that directly bring money into Maine, you have simply been a cog in the wheel. We elect Senators to represent the people but also to use the insight from their position of power to lead, especially through difficult times.

What have you done to bring about real solutions to climate change, real movement to end economic inequality, to end racial inequality and further the goal of reparations to those who have suffered enormous theft of wealth though centuries of slavery, discrimination, and oppression? What have you done to ensure women's rights and equality?  What have you done to protect those coming to America as refugees, often from the very wars we have waged or funded that have forced them from their homes? What have done to counter the lies of the Big Steal, the endless conspiracy theories that so much of your party embraces, the very real attacks on democracy in this country?

Given your years in office, your ineffectiveness in helping us face and deal with the crises that grow daily, I urge you to resign as our Senator with the hope that someone with more willingness to lead might help us in this extreme hour of need.

Please resign, Senator.