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Silver Moon

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Silver moon, are you lonesome just like me
Is your love far away beyond the stars
Silver moon, you stir my soul just like the sea
Follow me home and calm my aching heart

My gal and I once lay
Gentled by your light
One in body one in mind
But storms and sorrows overtook us
And now she is gone and I'm left behind

Oh silver moon, don't hurry through the sky
Stay and keep me in your silent gaze
Tears cloud my mind and sting my eyes
Keep watch with me until the break of day

I fear that the clouds are rolling
Soon the darkness will close in tight
Heavens, won't you show some mercy
Hold off until the morning light

Silver moon, you're changing all the time
Full, then hollow and everywhere between
My heart, too, floods and empties out
But tonight I'm more lonesome than I've ever been