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Spring Returns

Look at how the blossoms burst from the shad trees
See how the violets know when to appear
Look at how the woodcock dances as the sun sets
Listen as the peepers sing their cheerful evening tune
Bathed in the glow of the rising moon
The geese echo from the marsh and say
Spring returns

The sun has risen high above the spruce
There's a fragrance to the plowed earth
Fertility long bound's set loose
There's a deeper sense that life is truly worth winter's cost
The depth of our longing, the reach of the frost
Our voices rise, as well, and say
Spring returns

May paints the world again with color
June explodes with blossoms in tree and field
July and August's bounty fills the cupboards
September brings on change again as summer starts to yield

Look at how the leaves twirl their colors in the wind
Listen to the crickets sing their last songs
The bones of the trees begin to show
Birds gather in flocks it won't be long before the frost
Wood smoke drifting like memories lost
Food and wood and hope are stored
Winter's here

October winds bring down summer's glory
November tucks the fields and trees to sleep
December through March lock the earth in slumber
April opens up the promise that spring will always keep