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Together In a Dream

There's still a sip of brandy but I'm too tired to lift to lift the glass
We've stayed up till the dawn has come and night time's finally passed
We've said goodnight a dozen times but still we linger on
Here we are, together in a dream

We've known each other through the years, been confidantes at times
Shared our woes from fitfull loves that left us sad and cryin'
Always saw the best in us even when we'd lost our way
Here we are, together in a dream

Love must have a thousand ways
To find a path into our cautious hearts
One of its vines wound through the maze
And set its roots so deep in every part

And even with your leaving, a part of you remains
The sun is still behind the clouds, even when it starts to rain
You circle like a melody and fill me up with song
Here we are, together in a dream