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The Triage module adds a guided pathway option for navigating content on your site.  Site administrators can create a Logic Tree to help site users quickly find answers to specific questions.  Administrators can create layered and question sqpecific content for that question, as well as referencing other site content and common re-usable text.  Content can be assembled selectively based on county, status info (senior, handicapped, veteran, etc) and income information.  The module is completely configurable to accommodate multiple, admin-defined Logic Trees, creation of very granular information as well as a tag-based search, custom layout and theming.  A visitor popup can be turned on to guide users into the Triage system and a full, filterable report is included.   A triage example can be installed with a full Logic Tree, menu of common functions, and endpoint example, based on the system as it was set up in Maine for Pine Tree Legal.