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Wood Thrush

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When I first heard your song, the sky was aflame
Your voice so clear and strong, I was never the same.
It seemed my own voice had found its source
We were one river true to one course
When I first heard your song, I learned how to fly

When I saw your silhouette framed by the dawn
The golden days of summer just coming on
There was a fullness flowed into my heart
I was a journey ready to start
When I first saw you, I took to the sky

Where do you weather the storm
When trees sway and bend
How do you know where to fly
When the soft summer ends
What tune do you sing
When your fledglings turn to go
How do you find your way home

When I felt summer's lull beneath August heat
I knew your time here was almost complete
You were alone in your evening song
In the morning's quiet I knew you were gone
From the sorrow I felt, I sang my first song

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