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Original Music from Brian Dyer Stewart #35

Dear family, friends, and fellow travelers,

    The song this cycle is Holding on for Dear Life, recorded close to 25 years ago, written in the thick of family life when so many days were a blur with work and kids and making ends meet.  'Tis a happy tune.  There are so many darker, harder times that also find us Holding on for Dear Life, barely holding on or feeling ourselves flung into the roar and chaos of life and these times, with little to hold onto.  The joy and ease of the song is how wrapped up it is in the underlying connections and strength of love and family.  Hopefully we can give that connection to each other in the darker times when we might feel alone.  Time only tells us how much more we rely on and need each other. 

    Hope you enjoy the song!  It was recorded with Joyful Noise. - Bruce Cassaday on trumpet and vocals, Leonore Hildebrandt on percussion and vocals, Joel Mann on bass and vocals, and me on guitar and lead vocal.

    Here's a playlist of all the songs from the newsletters.

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Many songs are recorded solo, some are from different musical twinings from over the years - all are original tunes, with some occasional collaborations.

My best to each,


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