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Original Music from Brian Dyer Stewart #44

Dear family, friends, and fellow travelers,

    The song this cycle is Wood Thrush, written several years ago at song writer's retreat.  Leonore Hildebrandt and I recorded it for our CD Into Starlight in 2018, with Leonore on percussion and vocals.

    Summer is officially here after a lingering, cool spring.  The thrushes have been back for a while but are especially vocal as the warmer season begins.  Their call is magical with its high cascading warbles and trills.  They especially love to welcome the dawn and the to salute the last light...and here's a tribute to all of us, in our solitary and communal beauty.  Little do we know whom we inspire and who hears the songs of our hearts...

    Here's a playlist of all the songs from all the newsletters.

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Many songs are recorded solo, some are from different musical twinings from over the years - all are original tunes, with some occasional collaborations.

My best to each,


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