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Installing the Triage Module

The Triage Module is compatible with Drupal 7 and requires a number of additional contributed modules, listed on the side bar.  The Module can be downloaded directly from

Download the module.  Three modules will show up in the Module Administration screen under the Triage field set:

The Triage and Triage Actions modules comprise the Triage project.  Enabling the Triage Example module will create a Example Triage, based on Pine Tree Legal's logic tree in Maine and a few sample data pieces.  The Example Triage can be very handy for seeing how things work from both the admin and user side and also can be used as a starting point for your own Legal Issues Logic Tree. 

After downloading the required modules and enabling them, you'll want to configure the Triage Menu Block to show on your front page.


Going to the home page you should see a block with a number of Triage options.