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Triage Module - An Introduction

The Triage module is a tool for Content Providers to create guided pathways thru complex material to very specific user content.  The heart of the module is the Logic Tree, a hierarchical taxonomy list which outlines major categories and questions within them.  The user selects a category and "follows a path" through a series of questions, forks in the road.  Within four or five clicks, the user is able to arrive at their very specific question and view the answer that has been built for that question.  The answer may involve links to other agencies, self-help materials and invitation to apply for a variety of services.

The content providers set up the logic tree and attach actions - mini-content or pointers to content - to the various endpoints.

User information questions can be added before the actual navigation to get filtering information - geographic location, admin created demographic groups such as veterans or those with disabilities, and income information.  That user information can be configured to filter both the questions a user is asked and the answers they receive - a low-income person might be eligible for different services than someone with a higher income and could be shown different output based on general income guidelines.

On the following pages, we'll see how to install and configure the module and how to use it to create guided pathways.